These are some of the pins that I can get, if you need any special e-mail me
and tell me what are you looking for. I have too Warner key-rings.
I have too different Betty Boop pins and key-rings, email me for more information and photos.
Updated 9th April 2003
pins with xxx are sold out
WB1       WB2         WB3              WB4          xxx         WB5         WB6        WB7 
xxx               xxx                xxx              WB12              WB13              WB14 
WB15       xxx           WB17             WB18                xxx                 WB20         xxx 
      WB22         WB23                 WB24      WB25        xxx                 xxx           WB28 
  xxx              WB30         xxx          xxx        xxx             xxx       xxx         xxx        WB37
WB38             WB39          WB40             xxx         xxx             xxx                  xxx
    WB45             WB46            xxx              xxx                      WB49              WB50
xxx           xxx          WB53        xxx           xxx         xxx    WB57    WB58     WB59

             xxx                WB61

     xxx                xxx         WB63 

WB64             WB65                WB66              WB67            WB68         xxx
xxx                 xxx              WB72          xxx         WB74                xxx 

     xxx         xxx

     WB78                WB79
 WB80        WB81            xxx             WB83          WB84        xxx                    xxx 

WB87           WB 88              WB89              WB90             WB91           xxx 

     xxx        WB95      WB96       WB97          xxx            xxx     WB100         xxx

WB102     WB103       xxx          xxx          xxx              xxx                   xxx 

    xxx                    WB110            WB111           WB112        WB113     WB114

  WB115    WB116      WB117    WB118     WB119    WB120     WB121    WB122

 WB123     WB124      WB125      WB126     WB127          WB128         WB129

     xxx             WB131     WB132     WB133       WB134      WB135    WB136   WB137 

  WB138       WB139       WB140            WB141        WB142   WB143  WB143  WB145

     WB146            WB147              WB148             WB149            xxx

       xxx           WB152           WB153       WB154   WB155     WB156     WB157 

      WB158         xxx           WB160      WB161                xxx
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