Beautifull Disney Porcelain Figures.
The photo of these figures are real size, porcelain material and they are made in France in 1990's, they are called "faves".
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A Bug's Life  N E W  !!!!!!
Bambi  N E W  !!!!!! 
Snow White and 7 Dwarfs
Snow White and 7 Dwarfs (big)N E W  !!!!!!
Snow White and 7 Dwarfs 2N E W  !!!!!!
Peter Pan
The Lion King
The Jungle Book
The Little Mermaid   N E W  !!!!!!
The Aristocats    N E W  !!!!!!
Aladdin 2   N E W  !!!!!!
The Beauty and the Beast
The Beauty and the Beast in ChristmasN E W  !!!!!!!!
Oliver & Co.
Alice in Wonderland
Sleeping Beauty
Winnie Pooh 1
Winnie Pooh 2  N E W  !!!!!! 
Three Little Pigs
Goofy and Friends
Toy Story
Toy Story 2
Chip & Dale Set 1
Chip & Dale Set 2   NEW  !!!!!!

Dumbo   N E W  !!!!!!
Lady & the Tramp
Lady & the Tramp 2 N E W  !!!!!!
The Sword in the Stone - Merlin
101 Dalmatians 1
101 Dalmatians 2
101 Dalmatians 3  N E W  !!!!!!
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Mickey & Friends (Faces)
Mickey and Minnie  N E W  !!!!!!
Mickey and Friends World TourN E W  !!!!!!
Babies   N E W  !!!!!!
Donald DuckN E W  !!!!!!
Scrooge and Family    N E W  !!!!!!
Mickey Kid
Mickey Christmas  Available again !!!!!!
Mickey & Friends
Dog Tracer
Dinosaur    NEW 2000 !!!!!
AtlantisN E W  !!!!!!

The Muppets
Betty Boop
Dragon Ball Z (Japan)
Power Rangers
European Comics B.D.

Page updated 3rd March 2004
Sets with no number "xxx" are sold out.

xxx  Snow White and 7 Dwarfs (set 8 figures)

D8001  Bambi (set 8 figures)

D8002 Aladdin (set 6 figures)

xxx  Tarzan (set 12 figures)

xxx  Pinnochio (set 9 figures)

xxx  Peter Pan 2 (set 10 figures)

xxx  The Lion King (set 7 figures)

xxx  The Jungle Book (set 9 figures)

D8012  The Little Mermaid (set 8 figures)

xxx  The Aristocats (set 12 figures)

D8017  Oliver & Co. (set 10 figures)

xxx  The Beauty and the Beast (set 8 figures)

xxx  Pocahontas (set 10 figures)

xxx  Pocahontas (set 7 pieces)

xxx  Mulan (set 12 figures)

xxx  Mickey & Friends faces (set 6 pieces)

D8032  Cinderella (set 10 figures)

D8033  Alice in Wonderland (set 11 figures)

xxx   Winnie The Pooh (set 10 figures)

xxx  Winnie The Pooh 2 (set 8 figures)

D8041  Three Little Pigs (set 10 figures)

xxx  Toy Story (set 10 figures)

xxx  Toy Story 2 (set 11 figures)

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