I show you some photos and the list of the pins and shots that I have doubles about
Hard Rock Cafe and Planet Hollywood.
If you need any photo of the pins that I have in the list, please, e-mail me and I will send you it as
soon as possible.
And if you have anything to offer, e-mail me too, thanks.


Photos Updated 19th April 2003
Pins with "xxx" are sold out

            HRC2                     xxx
Marilyn Monroe
Sydney 2000

Pop Up pins
Different cities
I have: Bangkok, Berlin, Makati

Hard Rock Cafe pins with DISNEY characters.

Set Happy New Year 2001
HRC 30th Anniversary
   Silver Pick        Red Pick              Bent Guitar                         Tuning guitar
Merce 2000
Limited Ed. 500

Barcelona Logo

Sagrada Familia
City Guitar

Mercè 98 (Bcn)
(Discontinued pin 
made 800 pieces)

Mercè 99 (Bcn)
(Discontinued pin
made 500 pieces)

Elvis Black Guitar

Barcelona White Brian Jones Guitar

Barcelona Blue Melt
City Guitar

Barcelona Xmas 98

Lloret de Mar
Black Les Paul

Lloret de Mar
Red Les Paul

Lloret de Mar
White Les Paul

Madrid Logo

Madrid City Pin
Bear Playing guitar

Bullfighter (Torero)

Madrid Chulapona

Madrid Brian Jones

Madrid Red Cochran
Madrid Spanish Guitar
           City Guitar

Madrid Button
Toro (Bull)
Meninas (Goya) guitar
Toro (Bull) Guitar

Phone Card
Matches Box
These are the Hard Rock Cafe pins and shots that I have for sell & trade. E-mail me if you need any one or if you have any for offer.

Atlanta - Atlanta 96 Medal pin, Happy Holidays 2001, Waitress pin
Atlantic City - Blue National guitar, Buildings logo 
Bali - Star Guitar, Shark Surf
Bangkok - Black guitar, City logo Temple
Barcelona - Mercè 98, Mercè 99, Christmas 98, Mercé 2000
Barcelona - Tuning Guitar, Pick Silver, Pick Red
Barcelona - White Brian Jones guitar, Sant Jordi 2001
Barcelona - Cocktail Glass New Year 2001, Cocktail Bottle 2001, Champain bottle 2000
Beijing - Mini red guitar
Buenos Aires - Eric Clapton guitar, 4th Anniversary
Cancun - 13th Anniversary
Cape Town - Small logo
Chicago - Red drums
Cozumel - Inca Indian logo
Dallas - Waiter letter M, Yellow Star guitar
Fort Lauderdale - Aligator logo, 2nd Anniv. car, Fish Surf
Gatlinburg - Waitress letter C, 2nd Anniv. Jeep
Geneve - Red Drums
Guangzhou - Brown Guitar
Hollywood   - Yellow guitar
Hong Kong - Blue drums, Black guitar, Mini red guitar
International - Xmas 96 (horn), Xmas 97
Jakarta - Yellow drums (fantasy)
Key West - Small logo, Purple Cup
Kobe - Saxo pin, Piano white
Kowloon - Big logo
La Jolla - Octupus Surf
Lanzarote - Big Logo
Las Vegas - Ruleta big logo, King guitar
Las Vegas Hotel - Santa 2001 big pin
Lloret de Mar - Black Les Paul, Red Les Paul, White Les Paul
Madrid - Small logo, Halloween 2000
Manchester - Black guitar pick
Nashville - Purple Cup
Melbourne - Blue Star logo, Tramway guitar, St. Patricks 2000, Black Pick guitar
Miami - Small logo
Mykonos - City Logo
New Port Beach -  Blue Drums, Surf Mermaid
Niagara Falls NY - Green Cup
Orlando - National Blue guitar, Black LP guitar, Zebra guitar
Osaka - Red Drums
Paris - Small logo, Big Logo (fantasy), White Brian Jones guitar
Rome - White Brian Jones guitar, Small logo, 30 Years Logo
Sacramento - Black City guitar, Red LP guitar, White LP guitar, 4th Anniv. Girl, Interstate 5 guitar
San Antonio - Black LP guitar, Waitress pin letter Y
San Diego - 3rd Anniv. Girl
San Francisco - 17th Anniv. Van
Salt Lake City - Ice Skate Boats logo
Saint Louis - Green Cup
Shanghai - Blue Drums, Tower logo
Singapore - Blue Drums, Red guitar, Blue guitar, Big Logo,  Yellow 2 neck guitar
Singapore - White guitar, Mini Red guitar
Sydney - Old Opera guitar
Taipei - Red drums, Brown guitar
Taichung - Soft Blue Guitar
Tel Aviv - Red Saxophone 4th Anniv., Purple Saxophone 4th Anniv., Green Saxophone 4th Anniv.,
Tel Aviv - Blue Saxophone 4th Anniv.
Tokyo - Japan flag guitar, Blue Drums
Buttons Madrid Bear 
Buttons Save the Planet (dark) 
Buttons Save the Planet (dark yellow) 
Buttons Save the Planet (soft yellow) 
HRC Shots Barcelona, Paris, Cleveland, Philadelphia, San Diego (short)


Planet Hollywood Barcelona Inauguration Set
Only sold during the firsts weeks

Logo pin
PH Madrid
Spanish Fan 
PH Madrid
Spanish Hat
These are the Planet Hollywood pins and shots that I have for sell & trade. E-mail me if you need any one or if you have any for offer.

PH Shots - Reno
PH-Aspen - Skyman logo
PH-Atlanta - Atlanta words, Blue logo, Old Peach Logo, New Peach logo
PH-Barcelona Inaguration (set 2 small pins in card) - Logo dark blue
PH-Cape Town - Logo soft blue 
PH-Columbus - Cinema Clap
PH-Dallas - 3 Cowboys siluetes
PH-Gold Coast - Big blue logo
PH-Gurnee Mills - Soft Blue Logo
PH-Hong Kong - Dino Logo
PH-Honolulu - Logo with Whales
PH-Madrid - New Logo 2000, City pin Spanish fan
PH-Madrid - Mini Logo
PH-Nashville - Music Note 
PH-New Orleans - Mardi Gras 1997
PH-New York - Logo soft blue, Yellow Taxi, Square Logo
PH-Orlando - Mini Blue logo
PH-Paris - Logo soft blue, City pin Tour Effiel
PH-Reno - Playing cards logo
PH-Singapore - Blue logo
PH-Special - Sylvester Stallone, D. Moore
PH-Xmas - Logo with Santa Hat '98